Thursday, March 6, 2008

TheSearch Is Killing Me

Have you ever been so close to finishing a collection that the search for the final items just drives you almost insane?

Well, that's where I am with two CDs that belong to two different 70s sets. The first is pictured to the left. It's from The 70s Preservation Society. The CD was released around 1991. It's out of print, but what is amazing is that all of the other CDs in this small collection are pretty easy to find. If I never see another copy of Disco Fever or Those Fabulous 70s again it will be too soon. Heck, even Those Funky 70s CD is more common (and it was released much earlier) and easy to find than the 70s Soul Cd.

The second is called Pop Nuggets: The Late 70s. It's from Time-Life's Sounds of the 70s collection. Now this one (pictured on the left) I can understand why it's a pain in the ass to find. There were 4 CDs in the Sounds of the 70s Collection that were only released in Canada. Two of those I managed to find years ago through a mail order place that specialized in hard to find and out of print CDs. I eventually found the Pop Nuggets: Early 70s on Amazon for an outrageous price. Now the Late 70s CD is on eBay and I know I'm going to pay an arm and a leg for it. However, once I win it, my Time-Life set will be complete.

As for my 70s Preservation Society set, well....the search goes on.

UPDATE: Both of these CDs are now in my collections. Yippee!!!