Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Jacksons Music: A Wish List

Well, after my 3 part post about collecting the music of The Jacksons I got to thinking. What would I like to see be released? So, here is my wish list.

Let's start with Motown and The Jackson 5.

I'd like to see a 30th Anniversary Four Disc box set that contains nothing but previously unreleased songs. The Jackson 5 supposedy recorded some 500 songs. That includes solo songs by Michael, Jermaine, Jackie and Marlon. However, I think that this particular box set should just concentrate on The Jackson 5.

A three disc set to commemorate Michael Jackson's years at Motown. The second and third discs should containe all previously unreleased songs.

A two disc set for Jermaine. Disc one could contain his hits from his solo albums and a second dics of previously unreleased material.

Additionally, for Jermaine's years at Arista, a two disc set covering all of his, soundtrack songs, B-side songs and any unreleased material.

As for any unreleased materil by Jackie and Marlon, let's put those on the Jackson 5 set. I'm sure that there aren't that many tracks in the first place.

For Janet Jackson, I'd like to see a three or four disc set that included all of the songs that were released in the Japan release versions of her albums and any B-side songs that have been previously released.

For The Jacksons, maybe a tree disc set that covers all of their hits from The Jacksons album to 2300 Jackson Street. The second and third discs could contain any previously unreleaed tracks including anything from Randy's shelved solo album.

Finally, I really can't see doing anything extrodinary for Michael's Epic solo years after the five disc Ultimate set was released.

The most important stuff for me would be the Motown stuff. While I would be willing to purchase all of the sets I listed above, my first choice would be the Motown years collections.

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